Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kiss You I Must

A short time ago, at a party far, far away in Wagner, Oklahoma, Ouma Kay came across...

...the wisest Jedi master of them all.

Hey don't laugh. You don't want to make him angry.

That's better.

Yoda was gracious enough to sit for a photo op with Olivia and his new friend Super-Kaden. Coincidentally, Yoda also seems to have a problem with direct eye contact.

But as we all know, even Jedi masters can be influenced by the power of the dark side.

Kiss or kiss not. There is no try.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Great Outdoors

Now that Oklahoma is cool enough for people to go outside again, Ben has been getting in touch with his inner Aussie while sporting his oupa's Akubra.

No it's not the River Dance; whenever we put Ben down on the grass, he does a little jig to keep his feet from touching the ground.

Benjamin shows his appreciation of nature by preparing to consume the local flora.

Grandma put in a special request for a picture showing Ben's scholastic side. In this shot we are reading Touch and Feel Kitten and discussing the philosophical and practical implications of yanking handfuls of kitty fur. Gordo is pretty sure that Ben did not pay any attention to what I was saying.

On a more serious note, it took about 50 phone calls, but we finally have an appointment with a Pediatric Otolaryngologist in Oklahoma City on November 7th. I want to thank Phyllis Thornton for helping us track down someone in Oklahoma who specializes in Ben's type of medical condition. She also directed us to a website that actually describes Ben's condition at birth. Appropriately, it's called CHAOS.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007