Saturday, November 17, 2007

Woodchuck Gallery

No wood surface is safe in the Gatewood house these days.

That last photo was taken by Ben's uncle Hal while he and Emilie were visiting from Montreal last week. For more photos of Ben and family, you can check out Hal's Flickr page.

A few weeks ago we took Ben down to OKC for a second opinion by Dr. Digoy, and things are now moving forward quickly. Dr. Digoy said that the cyst that was blocking Ben's airway appears to have grown back. We're going in for an MRI and overnight observation on November 30th, and then Ben will have another laser surgery to take another shot at removing the cyst. The good news from all this is that if the procedure goes well and Ben heals properly, he could have the trach out in a few months instead of years like Ben's other doctor was talking about. We are pumped about that and would love your prayers over the next few weeks.